Love + Alicia is a contemporary womenswear brand, founded in 2015.

The girl of Love+Alicia is fun and free spirit. She is confident. She is feminine. She has an effortless, uncomplicated versatile style, her pieces can be dressed up or down. She is the type that craves the new, different and authentic. She expresses herself through different forms of arts and has a strong stance on social and environmental issues.

As Elia Tserkezou, the Athens-based creative director and co-founder often says: ‘The girl of Love+Alicia is my biggest influencer. I am constantly observing the way she dresses, the way she does things, her overall lifestyle, which eventually aligns with mine. So I always create having in mind our common aesthetic and the appreciation of our shared values.’

At Love + Alicia we design mid-priced quality trend pieces, original hand-painted prints and try to source the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics.

We embrace a cool but feminine urban Mediterranean style.

Sustainability is in our top priorities. It’s not just a matter of the materials we use in our collections. We encourage increased reuse and recycling, we support local production, fair working and manufacturing conditions. Our approach can be summarized as “Green & Clean” and “Fair & Ethical”. Our goal is to leave a positive mark in the world of today and tomorrow and contribute our bit for a more sustainable future of fashion with responsible business practices. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we are doing everything in our power to reach that goal.